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Living near the ocean has many advantages, but Newport News roofers understand the drawbacks to water views. The saltwater spray from the ocean is full of mineral deposits that have the potential to deteriorate building infrastructure. As water and salt settle on a home, the rooftop can be worn away at a faster rate than homes located away from the ocean. Homeowners should be aware of specific issues and proper materials suitable for beachfront homes to maintain a leak free structure in volatile conditions.

Natural or fiberglass shingles are both good candidates to protect a rooftop in a beach community, but they still require frequent inspections. Contractors look for algae growth on many rooftops. Because the ocean often sprays nearby homes on a consistent basis, the roof could be frequently damp. This wet surface gives algae a foothold to move in and spread. Contractors must remove any algae and apply protective sealants to prevent further growth.

Homeowners may think that metal roofs aren't a possibility in beach areas, but there are some materials that can work in beachfront environments. Homeowners should avoid rooftops made with steel, however. This material can quickly corrode and rust.

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Contractors suggest aluminum rooftops because they have the construction to combat corrosion while remaining aesthetically pleasing. If a home is within 2,000 feet of a saltwater area, aluminum is the best roofing choice besides shingles.

It's not just the rooftop that must be covered and inspected properly, but small repairs must be considered priorities year round. If one shingle is cracked or missing, saltwater mist easily works its way into the structure. With frequent roofing appointments, contractors find these damaged areas quickly. They'll seal and test the area, keeping all moisture and salt out of the structure permanently. Corrosion, rot and other decaying processes set in quickly for beachfront properties.

Improper rooftop fasteners quickly rust, corrode and snap over time. Contractors should use specialized fasteners, such as galvanized steel, to reduce possible damage. This steel has a particular metal coating that prevents deterioration. Stainless steel fasteners are another smart choice for structures as well. Homeowners will notice if the wrong fasteners are used because they'll produce rusty spots and loose roofing components soon after their installation.

Local roofers must be experienced with oceanfront homes to service residents properly. Look for companies located in beach communities where contractors are experienced with the damage caused by ocean sprays. These businesses will take each property's unique location into consideration to create a strong maintenance plan.

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