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Every region can have severe weather, creating rapid air currents across a roof. Debris can fall off trees, or attached antennas might snap off the roof, for example. If any debris strikes and remains on the roof, Newport News roofers must examine the damage as soon as the weather event is over. Homeowners must avoid roof bare spot issues to preserve structural wood.

Homeowners may hear a loud noise when debris strikes or falls on the roof. Don't be tempted to investigate the problem while the weather event continues. Debris may fall to the ground at some point, possibly hurting anyone at ground level. Remain inside the home and contact a roofer. Report all the information about the debris to professionals and set up an appointment. Contractors try to schedule emergency calls within a day or two to prevent any damage from becoming worse.

When contractors arrive, they'll survey the damage from the ground first. Antennas, tree branches and other items can easily fall onto roofs, creating extensive damage. Generally, roofers devise a plan to remove the debris with basic labor. Several roofers should be able to remove the item safely while surveying the roof to verify damage severity. In rare instances, roofers must use machinery to remove the debris, such as a very large tree branch.

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With the debris removed from the roof, contractors can look over the surface in fine detail. They'll document all damage sites and even take photos. This damage assessment is critical for insurance purposes. Contractors pose a solution to the damage while the insurance company approves appropriate funds. If insurance is not available, contractors write up an estimate to discuss with homeowners.

Roofers must have approval from the homeowners or insurance company to proceed with repairs. In most cases, roof sections simply need to be repaired with new decking, underlayment and shingles. If a home is severely damaged, contractors may need to replace the entire roof. Both of these scenarios depend on damage and insurance funding, making a strong contractor relationship an important one to resolve structural damage.

Before an emergency occurs, it's a smart idea to research and contract with a trusted roofer. If any issues arise that require immediate attention, a roofer is already vetted for quality purposes. Waiting until an emergency happens only complicates the situation. A quality roofer can resolve the situation and follow up with clients to make almost any damage a minor issue.

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