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Whenever homeowners notice that something is wrong with their roof, it is imperative that they contact a professional immediately in order to avoid further damage that could be costly to repair. Newport News roofers can assess each component of the roof in order to determine the extent of damage. The goal of any contractor will be to ensure that the structural integrity of the roof is maintained and that each material is in top notch condition so that the interior of the home is adequately protected from the elements.

Water leaks are not the only common roofing issue that many homeowners must face. In addition to detecting roofing problems through regular inspections, here are some other common trouble spots homeowners can look for in order to determine if their roof might be in need of repairing or replacement.

Different roofing materials feature different warranties and estimated life spans. For example, asphalt shingles might last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, and slate roofing tiles might last up to 100 years or longer. If the roof is nearing its estimated lifespan, homeowners could benefit by having it completely replaced rather than wait until it has exceeded its lifespan. The primary reason for replacement is due to the fact that the longer the roof exceeds its lifespan, the greater the chance that it can become majorly damaged the next time inclement weather strikes the area.

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In some cases, it is even possible that the homeowners insurance policy could cover some or all of the costs associated with having a new roof installed.

In addition to paying attention to the age of the roof, homeowners should also consider the current condition of their shingles when determining whether the roof is in need of attention from a professional. Curling tiles, loose or missing tiles and buckling are often indications that the shingles might need to be replaced. Another good indicator is if the shingles are losing their granules.

Another roofing red flag is if there are visible patches of mold, rot or excess moisture. Wooden shingles experience this type of damage more often than other types of shingles do, but homeowners who live in humid, wet climates also tend to experience mold and algae growth on the surface of their shingles. If rotting is not addressed within a timely manner, it can wreak major havoc on the roofing materials, including the fascia board, soffit and even the roof deck itself.

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