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When a roof has experienced damage from the elements, the home is at risk for water damage and potentially dangerous mold. While severe damage may require replacement of the roof entirely, it may be possible to simply install a new roof over the existing one. Homeowners should discuss this possibility when speaking to Newport News roofers about their options. Professionals can help determine if it is a viable option. Reroofing can save money on initial costs while prolonging the life of the roof system. Prior to reroofing, professionals will examine the existing roof and perform prep work to make the new installation effective.

The first thing professionals will do is inspect the existing roof. They will look for signs of severe damage that may prevent them from roofing over it. The roof deck must be in good condition so that it supports the weight of additional shingles. The amount of layers within the roof must also be determined. If the roof has too many layers of shingles, another layer may not be permitted. Waterproofing membranes and the underlayment will also need to be inspected to determine if they need replacing.

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Professionals will use their expertise to make a sound decision on whether or not roofing over existing shingles is the better option.

If everything looks good for reroofing, prep work will need to be done. Severely damaged shingles will need to be removed and replaced. Furthermore, curled shingles will need to be clipped so that they don't affect the smoothness of the new roofing layer. Drip edges on rakes and eaves will also need to be installed based on the condition of the existing roof. Usually, specialty drip edges will be retrofitted over the existing ones to provide a clean and protective edge. The new drip edge will ensure that the roof is watertight, helping to prevent leaks in the future.

Professionals will then take time to select new shingles appropriate for reproofing. While normal shingles can be used, they take extra time and care to fit over existing shingles. Not only that, but they can be less effective. Heavier shingles will help to compress the existing shingles, eliminating any irregularities that may show through. Usually, laminated or textured shingles are used to provide a uniform look and more protection.

Once the new roof is installed over the existing shingles, homeowners won't be able to tell that there are additional layers of roof below. The new roof will provide years of protection with proper maintenance without the high costs of complete roof replacement.

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