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As homeowners commit to a roof replacement project, they must be aware that some issues may arise during the process. Although Newport News roofers do their best to accurately estimate the project, hidden decking problems could be revealed as workers uncover a number of material layers. Homeowners must understand common problems found during roof tear off procedures and the importance of proper repairs.

As roofers carefully pull shingles from the surface, they'll encounter the underlayment layer. This moisture barrier will be replaced along with the shingles, but its orientation is important to the structure's functionality. Contractors should verify if the edge overlap is sufficient to protect the sheathing. Several inches of overlap is normal, but contractors could find lengths literally butted against other sections. If the underlayment is poorly laid, an evaluation of possible leaks into those seams is necessary.

Pulling the old underlayment up reveals the wood decking. Contractors should take considerable time to evaluate this wood and search for any stains or obvious leaks into the home. Yellow stains are common for mild leaks, for example. Contractors may even follow these stain trails to see if other structural elements are damaged, including attic insulation or collar ties. Extra repairs might be necessary if those leaks culminate in excessive damage that wasn't spotted earlier.

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Decking stains may not be an issue because complete rot could have set in over time. Contractors evaluating the roof deck might need to replace entire wood sections if decay is slowly working through the plywood. With an approved estimate, roofers cut bad sections out and carefully add new plywood. This process is typically not costly and will result in a strong base for new materials.

Whether the roof deck is damaged or not, contractors try to inspect rafters before starting shingle installation processes. Although these support beams don't break down very often, a replacement project is a good time to ascertain if everything else is working properly. If the home is sold in the near future, homeowners have solid proof for inspectors and buyers that the property is sound. Any rafters that are decaying, however, will be replaced and noted in the roofer's renovation notes.

Homeowners should be pleased if contractors are willing to revise a quote to include any discovered problems. Inexperienced contractors may notice the problems, but may fail to produce a renewed estimate due to customer service concerns. A revised quote shows that contractors are concerned with proper project completion with full transparency in mind.

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