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The roof is the first line of defense for the home, and as such, it takes a beating from the wind, rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms and more. Keeping the home's roof in tip top shape is very important. Even a small leak can cause major damage. Homeowners should inspect their roof annually. Homeowners can do this themselves, but it is best to have qualified Newport News roofers do a professional inspection.

Dealing with a roofing company is the best protection. Professionals know what type of problems people have because they see them every day. They can also spot signs of a beginning problem that can be fixed at a minor expense rather than a costly repair or replacement later on. Also, most roofers offer a guarantee on a repair they complete. Any repairs made by the homeowners are not warrantied. Sometimes an amateur repair can cause more problems than it addresses.

All shingles will degrade over time. UV rays cause wear and tear as the years pass, and this is especially hard on asphalt shingles. Over time, the sun causes the shingles to blister and crack, resulting in pieces of shingles breaking off and even whole sections coming loose. One sign that a serious roofing problem exists is finding shingles or partial shingles in the yard. Once shingles are damaged and begin to pull away from the sheathing underneath, the damage accelerates, and the entire house is at risk from water damage.

Roofs take a beating in the winter, too. Snow, ice and freezing rain cause damage when they melt.

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Unlike rain, snow and ice sit on the roof while melting, allowing water to work its way under the shingles to the plywood below, which allows even more water to enter as the shingles are lifted up. Another danger is water from melting snow; it can get under the shingles and then re freeze, lifting roofing material away from the roof itself. The best time to schedule an annual roof checkup is in the spring.

Wind and low hanging trees do their part to age and damage a home's roof. Tree limbs that brush the roof can rub away the shingle surface. Also, limbs can break off and cause even more damage. Any dead or damaged trees that are close enough to fall on the house should be removed as soon as possible.

Another threat to the roof is critters. Birds, squirrels and raccoons can cause significant damage to the shingles allowing moisture to get in. Woodpeckers will actually drill holes looking for insects, which can then get larger, causing more damage. Raccoons and squirrels can pull up shingles while looking for a way inside. Homeowners should look for ways to keep animals off the roof. Those who see animals on the roof should check for damage and repair it right away.

One way to keep critters away is to ensure there is no food source for them to come looking for. Termites, carpenter ants and other pests can damage fascia boards and eaves. It is advisable to have an annual inspection by a pest control professional to ensure a house safe from these insects.

Homeowners work very hard to protect their large investment in a home. Keeping the roof and other exterior surfaces in top shape will go a long way toward getting many happy, damage free years out of the home.

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