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A new roof is a considerable investment, no matter what type of materials are purchased. Most roofing manufacturers offer a warranty on their products when they are installed by authorized Newport News roofers. Just like there are differences between three tab and architectural shingles, there are also differences in product warranties offered by the suppliers of roofing shingles and tiles. Understanding these nuances can help homeowners save money in the event of a serious roofing problem or roof failure.

A warranty is a contract between the homeowner, installer and manufacturer of the product. In the case of specialty shingles and tiles, the manufacturing company may state that a warranty is only valid for a certain amount of time and only when the materials are installed by certified or qualified contractors. Many warranties stipulate that the property owners keep up with routine maintenance in order to uphold the terms of the agreement.

In the fine print of a warranty, homeowners could also find that certain events or problems are excluded from the coverage. For example, a tree falling on the roof would not be a problem covered by the manufacturer of asphalt shingles, as this is typically a homeowner's insurance policy issue. Likewise, an owner who uses a power washer to clean algae off the roof may find that the warranty is invalid.

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Using an unauthorized installer or use of unapproved fasteners may also invalidate the product's warranty.

Homeowners should read warranties to get information about the two main types of coverage. These are defects in the materials and defective workmanship. A material defect could include problems in the manufacturing process that caused the shingles or tiles to wear out too quickly or to develop cracks or other defects that cause a roofing failure. Many roofing companies offer their own guarantee of workmanship. This ensures that the installation process was done correctly and that any errors caused by the installers would be the company's responsibility to repair.

Property owners should keep a written copy of their roof's warranty in a safe place along with other important documents such as homeowner's insurance policies. Because a warranty could last for 25 years or longer, the paperwork should be maintained until the roof is replaced. Additional supporting documentation such as proof of installation date, proof of ownership of the home and transfer of the warranty when the house changed ownership may also be needed if a homeowner needs to file a claim for reimbursement due to a defective roofing product.

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