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Birds, squirrels and other wildlife can be a joy to watch and bring a bit of nature to a home's doorstep. However, these animals may also distribute their droppings on the rooftop, causing considerable damage to the home's exterior. With professional assistance from experienced Newport News roofers, homeowners can clean off the droppings and prevent animals from perching or roosting on the top of the house.

Once a property owner notices the presence of bird feces, it's a good idea to climb up to the rooftop and get the waste off as quickly as possible in order to prevent the acids in the droppings from eating through the asphalt shingles or tiles. Anyone working around animal waste products should wear a face mask and goggles to prevent the dust from getting into his or her nose, mouth and eyes. Work gloves are also essential, as the droppings may contain bacteria, viruses or parasites that cause human illness. Pants, a long sleeve shirt and shoes with rubber soles also offer protection while doing roof care.

The droppings can be cleaned off the roof with a mild detergent solution and garden hose or sprayer. A power washer should not be used, as this could damage the surface of the shingles. After washing off all the visible droppings, the gutters should also be rinsed out.

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Removing the droppings is important, in addition to preventing the accumulation of more droppings. Bird stops are plastic devices that can be installed by any homeowner. When placed along the edges and the ridge of the roof, they deter birds from landing or perching. Another option is to place bird spikes along the roof. These products are made with plastic and can be affixed to the roof's surface with staples, adhesive strips or clips. The netting and spikes can be removed at any time.

Property owners could also try knotted style netting that meets or exceeds the ISO 1806 & 9001 Protocol Mesh Test. While this netting deters birds from sitting on rooftops, it will not entrap them. Both netting and spikes can withstand winds, rain, snow, ice and UV damage from the sun.

A permanent option for bird deterrence is the installation of a metal box often referred to as a spider. This box looks like a roof vent but has plastic or metal rods protruding from it, giving the device the appearance of a giant arachnid. These boxes usually come with adhesive strips, although they can also be bolted to the roof for better adherence.

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