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All homeowners understand the importance of keeping a good, solid roof over their heads. Roofs protect a home from damage, help to control the climate and even add value to a home. In order to keep this investment in the best shape possible, homeowners must put a bit of work into their roofs. Here are a few tips to ensure a roof lasts for many years to come.

First, it's important that homeowners inspect their roofs at least twice a year as well as after any big storm. Newport News roofers recommend inspecting the roof in the spring and fall, and this inspection should focus on both the interior and exterior of the roof.

It is also important that homeowners keep trees trimmed on their property, especially if these trees are near the roof. Debris can cause a lot of damage to a roof, and even the leaves from a tree can settle into small spaces of the roof and rot over time. This roof rot can make the shingles and other parts of the roof weak, leading to structural damage.

Installing zinc strips on the roof is also a good idea for roof maintenance as it helps to eliminate mold and mildew growth. When a home has a zinc strip on its roof, each time it rains, the zinc helps to wash away mold and mildew.

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If mildew or mold has already appeared on a roof, it is important that homeowners hire a roofing company to clean and inspect the roof, then install the zinc strips.

Homeowners also need to keep the gutters free and in good repair. Clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to the roof, and roofs are expensive to fix. By spending an afternoon cleaning out the gutters once or twice a year, a homeowner can save themselves thousands of dollars.

Finally, it is important to have the roof professionally inspected every couple of years. Though many homeowners can spot issues on their roofs, a professional can often see issues before they start. A professional can also repair minor issues before they become troublesome and inform the homeowner about the health of their roof. Paying for an inspection is usually a lot cheaper than waiting for something major to happen when it comes to a roof.

By taking the time to maintain and care for a roof each year, including a professional inspection, most homeowners can extend the life of their roof for several years and keep some money in their pockets.

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