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Shingles last about 30 years, so they hide all layers below them until another installation is required. As Newport News roofers remove some shingles during estimation processes, they might find the roof decking or sheathing to be deteriorating. In some cases, entire roof decks must be replaced along with a new shingle installation. Although there is extra cost to a deck replacement, it provides the structure with decades of stability. Homeowners should know the basic steps to deck replacement, so they can appreciate its importance to the entire property.

Contractors begin by removing old materials. Generally, roofers remove one roof section at a time. They don't want to expose the entire structure at once because weather might become a damaging factor. Pulling shingles, underlayment and decking off one section at a time only exposes part of the attic to weathering elements. The roof is literally trusses or support beams when all materials are removed. Roofers add decking and other materials to one section and move onto the next one for the best efficiency.

Before contractors add new decking, however, they examine the trusses. These support beams are thick lumber sections. They hold the roof's weight, so it's imperative that they have no damage at all. If any damage is found, they'll repair or replace the wood as necessary.

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With strong joists verified, decking is added to the structure. Roofers attach decking to the joists using power nail guns. Contractors must hold the power tool steady so that all nails enter the materials in a perpendicular orientation. Loose or bent nails don't hold the decking well, contributing to possible damage in the future. All decking should have a smooth surface across the entire roof for a quality shingle installation on top of it.

Underlayment, water shields and shingles are eventually added to the new decking. Because there's a stable base for these roofing layers, the final product should be flat and leak free for many years. Homeowners agreeing to new decks and shingles only improve their property value over time.

If homeowners decline a roof deck, but still want new shingles, most contractors won't complete the project. Adding new shingles to decaying decking only compromises the entire installation's stability. Quality contractors must work on strong decking to make any shingle installation solid for decades at a time. Contractors may be able to work out a payment option with homeowners to afford both the decking and shingles in one project. Both materials are necessary for a strong structure.

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