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Newport News Roofers: Article About Repairing Versus Replacing A Roof

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The decision to repair or replace the roof can be challenging for many homeowners. Several considerations enter into making that choice. While a professional contractor can help, homeowners still need to weigh out the cost of repairs against what a new roof and future upkeep will involve. Just because a roof is fixable, it doesn't mean that fixing it is the best option. Sometimes, depending on the homeowner's goals, it's more convenient to tear off the existing roof and put up something that will bring longevity and peace of mind.

Part of the decision making process involves hiring an expert to give an accurate assessment of the true condition of the roof. Without that evaluation, homeowners won't have a realistic idea of the roof's life expectancy, so hiring local Newport News roofers to just repair the damage might be a bit premature if the roof is only expected to last a few more years.

From the ground, homeowners cannot see the exact condition of the shingles, flashing, the roof deck or other important roofing materials. Plus, untrained in what to look for, a homeowner could easily miss an essential detail.

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Instead of guessing whether the roof's time is up, it is better to get an expert opinion. That way, homeowners can weigh out what needs to be done.

For example, loose shingles or shingles that are beginning to curl on the edges are not difficult to fix, but if the shingles have lost most of their asphalt granules, are worn in patches, and the flashing is rusted and damaged, replacing the roof might make more sense. A roof can be repaired a few times, but if the granules are clogging up the gutters and the wind is tossing them all over the yard, the roof's life is limited. It's better to just accept it and move forward.

On the other hand, if a leaky skylight is the major issue, the repair might be an easy fix. Skylights generally leak due to aging flashing around the window, which would simply have to be replaced. Water damage would be more serious, however. Water damage would have to be corrected first, especially if there was mold found in the insulation or growing inside the roof deck. That is why it is essential for homeowners to get a professional opinion when choosing whether to replace the roof or just have it repaired. On their own, homeowners might not know enough to make a well informed decision.

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