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While it is very possible to lay new shingles on top of old shingles, there are several things to consider first. The installation of new roofing over old shingles is often referred as a re roof. This process is not available with any other materials besides asphalt shingles, and it does not work on other materials such as wood or metal. The old shingles must also be in relatively good shape, or the roof will not be of sufficient protection.

More shingles doesn't equal better protection in all cases. In fact, it can come with a new set of problems. One reason, however, to call in Newport News roofers for a re roof is for the cost savings. The tear off process of old roofing involves a good deal of labor costs. Putting new shingles on top of old eliminates this step and saves money, but initial savings will only be postponed until it is once again to replace the roof. It is not possible to add a third layer of shingles on top of an existing re roof. In fact, the removal will likely cost even more because of the added time it will take for a multi layer tear off.

While initial cost is a driving factor for many homeowners, the negatives are considerably higher than the advantages to re roofing.

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If considering a re roof, there are some things to look at before beginning the process. Asphalt shingles must be applied to a flat surface. In a re roof, if there are any dips, buckling or warping, it can be very noticeable and lack sufficient protection.

Those considering a re roof must also decide if the framing can sufficiently handle the additional weight of another roof layer. Most buildings are built to support one layer of shingles. The added weight can cause undue stress leading to a breach and serious leaking problems. With no tear off step, a roofer won't be able to see what the roof deck looks like.

Underlayment can also not be replaced with a re roof. Without new underlayment, the existing underlayment becomes old and less effective. This allows for leaking to the interiors of the building.

The warranty on new shingles may be affected by re roofing. Making sure that there is no installation requirement before beginning the process is important. For all of these reasons, it is best to start over with a completely new roof if at all possible.

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