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The roof of a home is its primary protection. Moisture, wind, heat and cold seek to destroy, but a good roof stands strong against these elements for years. Roofing materials are designed to resist deterioration and serve homeowners in the long term, but, without quality installation, even the highest quality roofing materials can fail.

Homeowners should know which qualities to look for in Newport News roofers. Similar to a number of other professions, roofers should be experienced, reliable and professional. When homeowners trust someone with something as important as roofing their homes, these characteristics become priorities.

While it may seem that one roof is just like another, especially when covered with the same style and type of shingles, each roof has its own special requirements that call for individual adjustments and special treatment. Whether the home is being roofed for the first time, undergoing roofing replacement or receiving a second layer of shingles, a roofing team with experience will be able to assess the home for its unique needs and adjust for special considerations, such as ventilation needs, special valley considerations or the necessity of an ice and water shield type underlay.

The Newport News roofers from Jayhawk Exteriors in Virginia would be happy to answer any questions you have about windows or gutters.

An experienced roofer communicates and works with the homeowner to plan the roof that will give the homeowner the best protection for the money invested.

Homeowners should also check reliability ratings and ask for references before contracting with a roofing company. This may seem obvious, as most people expect reliability from any established company. However, when homeowners consider the importance of the roof and the essential nature of its job, reliability in a roofing company is of utmost importance. When a roofing team accepts a job, they should work efficiently and safely until the job is done. There are few situations more frustrating than the old shingles being removed from the home and several days passing before the roofers come back to install the new roof.

Finally, homeowners should look for a high level of professionalism in their selected roofing team. Quality roofers will be careful of the homeowner's property, tidy with their equipment and careful of their refuse. Roofing can be a very messy job. Roofers with a high level of professionalism will be conscientious about cleaning up pulled nails or staples, shingles and deteriorated underlay. They will also be very careful to keep the work area safe for both themselves and people in or around the home by following safety procedures, such as blocking off the area from children and pets.

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