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While most contractors give much thought to the home's design, efficiency and aesthetic value, they often overlook the importance of attic ventilation and how it protects their home. Finding mold in the attic can be disturbing to homeowners. Many individuals do not understand the forces that create the mold and how the attic space creates a vulnerable area to this destructive and messy problem. Whether a home is a new construction project or a homeowner is addressing an existing mold problem, it is important to find Newport News roofers who are able to install or adjust roof ventilation properly and prevent mold from occurring.

Mold cannot exist and grow without moisture, and while people usually associate mold with warm, moist environments, there are certain kinds of mold that grow in cool environments as well. In fact, most, if not all mold problems begin in the winter, when temperatures are at their coldest. Understanding how moisture forms in the first place can help determine the best course of action for preventing it. The simplest explanation for moisture formation is that warm air from the living area of the home rises and makes contact with the cold ceiling of the home, which, in turn, causes condensation. Condensation especially forms around nails or other metal construction materials, sometimes icing over.

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Later, the ice melts or the collected moisture drips onto the attic floor or insulation, giving mold just enough moisture to get started and grow.

Proper ventilation of the attic space can interrupt this destructive force of nature by providing a continuous dry air flow. Most ventilation systems use soffit vents combined with ridge venting, box or hat vents or gable vents. Ridge vents are usually considered the most efficient, since they are located at the highest point of the home, or along the ridge of the roof. When warm air hits the attic, cooler air is pulled in through the soffit vents and drawn up and out the ridge vent, creating a nice flow of drying air through the attic. Box vents are located near the top of the roof and are another option, but homeowners must take precautions against ice or snow damming. Gable vents are the oldest form of venting, and, while adequate, provide the least protection since there is significant space above the gable vents for condensation to occur.

While attic ventilation can seem confusing and complicated, it is important for a homeowner to discuss the options with a qualified roofer to protect the home from damaging and unhealthy mold.

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