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Home and business owners who attempt to make roofing repairs themselves will soon discover that there are things on the roof that could be contributing to the need for repairs. These items could be in the form of equipment that is mounted on the roof or things sticking out of it. If the problem is a leak, it could very well be coming from where the roof and one of these items join. Newport News roofers will be able to provide expert help when it is needed.

One item that can be confusing to individuals who are trying to find the source of a leak is the vent pipe. This is a pipe that sticks out through the roof and is connected to the septic or sewer system. Its purpose is to allow ventilation so that the water from the drains can flow smoothly in a way that does not cause it to be siphoned from the trap. Otherwise, odor would creep into the house. What causes confusion to many is the fact that the end of the pipe is usually uncovered and open. As a result, people sometimes assume that the leak is rain water that has dropped into the pipe. Actually, any raindrops that fall into the vent pipe goes into the drain system, not through the ceiling and into the house. If a roof leak is coming from the vent pipe, it is coming from the sealed area around the pipe and not the pipe itself.

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Therefore, the problem is likely with the flashing that creates the seal between the pipe and the roof.

Another item that requires cutting a hole in the roof to install is a vent fan. The purpose of a vent fan is to help to remove hot air from the attic space and lower the cost of cooling the main part of the house. These fans can be powered or unpowered. The unpowered type depends on the wind to turn the turbines and draw out the hot air. Solar powered fans are increasing in popularity. They too, require no wiring or external power but do require a hole in the roof. Likewise, leaks that develop around them likely mean the flashing needs repair, although the fan itself could have a hole in it.

Other items on the roof that could be leaking around the edges are skylights. They are commonly used on commercial buildings, but they are used in residential settings from time to time also. In addition to leaks from causes similar to vent pipes and fans, a crack in the light itself could be the source. Since skylights are more common on flat roofs, caution must be used when walking around to avoid stepping on one. Doing so could mean falling through the roof.

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