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Rooftop gutters are some of the most reliable systems for a household, especially when home maintenance is regularly performed. Homeowners who hire Newport News roofers for regular inspections, however, may still experience gutter damage as the result of a strong storm. Minor gutter repairs keep the system in nearly perfect working order, so homeowners should understand some of the details involved with these service calls.

Contractors begin their minor repair service calls by closely inspecting all transition points. Gutters have elbows, seams and downspouts where connections can break apart. Workers use sturdy ladders to work at gutter levels, noting all problematic areas. Homeowners receive a written account of all gutter damages before any repairs are completed. In severe cases, nearly all connections require some repair to prevent leaks from saturating the ground below.

Typically, the gutters are not the only system that is examined during contractor inspections. The fascia board is just as critical to the rooftop. This lumber actually supports the gutters, but it can fail over time. Rotting wood from water damage is the most common cause of gutters breaking away from their fasteners and leaking out. If contractors discover bad fascia, they'll estimate its replacement costs along with gutter repairs. A strong gutter system depends on structural integrity for its long lifespan.

With approved repairs, contractors carefully apply gutter sealant to leak prone areas.

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They'll wipe away any moisture and physically connect the two gutter sections with a clamp. Using a trowel or other hand tool, roofers spread sealant across the entire connection, and then allow it to cure before removing the clamp. When sealant is even across the entire seam, leaks are instantly controlled and can function efficiently for years afterward.

Gutters also offer an aesthetic effect for the home's exterior, so contractors also provide color touch up services. Metal systems can be bent and crushed, creating discoloration in the damaged area. After smoothing out the damage, contractors can add some paint across the area to complete the repair. Although most gutters are white, the metal color underneath can mar its appearance. Touch up paint applied by professionals gives the home an updated look after minor gutter repairs.

Experienced contractors complete any minor gutter repair process with a visual and functional test. From the ground, homeowners shouldn't notice any sealant clumps or other unprofessional repair details. The gutters must have a uniform appearance. Roofers may then test the system by using a garden hose to spray water onto the gutter system's surface. With water visibly flowing to the ground through the gutters, homeowners can check to see that the system works well after minor repairs.

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