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Not all roofing contractors offer the high-quality and excellent service that property owners need. Because the roof of a structure provides the largest and perhaps most important layer of protection against the elements, it is vital that it is constructed by expert professionals using quality materials.

There are several Newport News roofers from which to choose, and knowing which ones offer the best quality at a reasonable price can be challenging. When deciding on a roofing contractor for a new roof, a partial replacement, or simply minor maintenance, the following tips can help home and business owners make the right choice.

Ask contractors for a list of references from past clients. This is to be expected, and professionals will gladly put you in touch with businesses and individuals that have utilized their services and had good results. Many contractors will put customer testimonials on their websites for this reason. Remember, there's nothing wrong with doing some homework about a roofing contractor. Individuals have to provide references when they apply for a job, so the same should be expected of a construction contractor.

Don't pay a dime for an estimate. This is pretty standard in the bid process for construction-related projects. Having to pay someone to provide a price tag should be a huge red flag that signals unprofessional behavior.

The roofing experts from Jayhawk Exteriors of Newport News would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding or gutters.

The truth is that professional roofing contractors are eager to see what needs exist in any new project so they can give an accurate assessment of what to charge. High-quality roofing contractors are proud of their work and strive to set a price point that is fair to all involved.

Expect a high-quality roofing contractor to work within a realistic timeline and stay in constant communication with their clients. If they say that they can't realistically assess how long the job will take, this is an indicator that they are much less reliable than things may seem. The length of the project is part of the initial estimate, and while a window of time will exist due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, the expected timeline of the project should not be indefinite.

Courtesy and respect are two words that are at the forefront of any service-oriented business. A top-quality contractor will show the utmost respect for their client at all times. This is shown through a respect of their property, their time and overall value as a client. When you find this and the above-mentioned attributes in a roofing contractor, you know you have a true professional.

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