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Many homeowners become dismayed whenever they discover moss growing on their rooftops. These organisms may thrive even on newer roofs or those that have been especially well maintained. Moss can cause a number of problems, which is why Newport News roofers typically advise homeowners to eradicate it immediately.

Roofs in cool, damp climates are more likely to develop moss; however, it can also grow on structures that are heavily shaded and do not receive a great deal of sunlight every day. When cool and shady conditions both exist, the odds of a roof developing moss increase even further.

The problem with moss on a rooftop is that is can hold in moisture against the shingles, which in turn causes them to wear out faster. The amount of damage moss can do increases even more in winter, since moss tends to hold frost against the shingles and damage their protective granules. Holding frost against shingles can also increase the odds of shingles cracking or breaking.

Over time, moss may even begin growing underneath shingles, causing them to separate from the roofing felt underneath. This can open up a roof to direct damage from rain, snow or sleet, and lead to premature leaking.

The presence of moss on a roof increases the odds of repairs, which is why it should be removed promptly.

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This requires a great deal of care on the part of the homeowner to prevent even greater damage to the shingles.

Experts recommend gently sweeping the affected area with a soft bristled brush. Homeowners should never use stiff bristled brushes, brooms or other similar devices as they could cause too many granules to be removed from the shingles. Brushes should only be slightly damp, and a roof should never be sprayed with a garden hose or pressure washer.

If the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, replacing shingles rather than cleaning them is recommended. Shingles that are cracked or have few granules remaining could be permanently damaged by vigorous scrubbing, leaving them in worse condition than they were before.

To prevent moss from growing, homeowners should consider algae resistant shingles when having a new roof installed. Installing aluminum or copper flashing in strategic areas of the roof can help repel moss. Trimming trees to allow more sunlight to reach the roof is recommended as well. Those who live in areas where rooftop moss is prevalent should consider these preventative measures.

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