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Individuals can usually obtain insurance coverage for their roof via either roof insurance or homeowners insurance. However, there are no one size fits all plans for this type of coverage. What insurance policies will pay for and to what extent will often depend on the type of damage a roof sustains.

For example, in many areas where hurricanes and tropical storms are common, people have to pay extra for policies that cover this type of storm damage. Fire damage may also not be covered unless a homeowner chooses to specifically take out a policy that covers it. When homeowners get an insurance policy that covers their roof, they should consider what type of damage their roof will sustain based on the area they live in.

It is also important to note that having insurance does not necessarily mean that 100 percent of the costs of having Newport News roofers repair their roof will be covered. Some policies will only cover a percentage of a repair or replacement depending on the age and condition of a roof.

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A roof that is 10 years old may only have 60 percent of repair or replacement costs paid for, but a new roof replacement or repair might be paid for entirely by an insurance provider.

People may also have to pay a deductible, even if their repairs or replacement is fully covered. This can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on their policy.

Along with understanding what is and isn't paid for by a policy, people should also be aware of the importance of having a roofing service prepare a repair estimate when an insurance claim is filed. Insurance adjusters will normally be sent out to inspect a roof when it has been damaged, but these individuals may provide an estimate that does not include everything that is wrong with a roof.

If an insurance adjuster sees that a roof is missing shingles after a storm, they may create a custom estimate for shingle replacement. However, an inspection by a roofing professional may discover that the roof sheathing has water damage and that it also needs to be replaced, which can be far more costly than just replacing some shingles.

A complete assessment of a roof's condition can help homeowners avoid supplemental claims and disputes with an insurance company. Knowing exactly what is wrong with a roof to start with can also help ensure the repair or replacement process does not get delayed.

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