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Rain gutters protect the home against water damage. By collecting water from the roof and depositing it away from the home, gutters keep the siding, roof and foundation safe from rot and decomposition caused by persistent dampness. Homeowners need to keep their gutters repaired and unclogged to maintain this level of protection. Some gutter repairs can be complicated and potentially dangerous without adequate equipment and safety protocols, so if the gutters are damaged, it may be best to call in Newport News roofers for repairs.

Homeowners should clean their gutters regularly to avoid the blockage that leads to moisture damage. Leaves, dirt and other debris clog the gutters and prevent water from flowing smoothly. This causes water to collect in a puddle on the roof or pour down the sides of the house. Homeowners should use an extension ladder or tall stepladder to get to the gutters and use a good pair of work gloves to keep their hands safe while scooping out the gunk. A plastic scoop can help clean out the bulkier obstructions.

After the gutters are clean, homeowners should run a hose up to the gutters to make sure the water flows properly. The water should travel straight to the downspout, and homeowners should look out for portions of the gutters that may slant incorrectly, sag or come apart.

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Any broken or distorted sections need to be repaired to keep the flow going in the right direction.

Homeowners should look out for any spots where the gutter may be detaching from the underlying fascia board. This may be remedied by simply replacing some gutter nails and screws, but it could also be caused by decaying boards that will need to be replaced to ensure a snug fit against the roof.

The outside of the gutters can collect a lot of grime and dirt, and while this is not something that affects the integrity of the gutters, it does create an eyesore that can bring the curb appeal of the entire house down. Using a combination of oxygen bleach and water, homeowners can clean their gutters from the ground by using an extension pole with a brush attached to it. Homeowners should purchase a brush that is firm but not overly abrasive or made of metal as this can scrape the finish off the gutters. With regular cleaning and maintenance as needed, homeowners can keep their gutters working for them for decades.

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