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Hailstorms can cause costly damage to asphalt shingle roofs. It seems as though the problem has grown, with climate change blamed for increased severity of all types of weather. Homeowners' insurance companies increasingly phase out the amount of liability they will accept due to hail damage. It takes the assistance of a roofing expert to evaluate potential and actual damage because damage to roofs does not easily reveal itself.

Newport News roofers assist homeowners to assess whether or not hidden problems created by severe hailstorms represent a serious threat to a home's roof and its ability to do its job. They recognize subtle clues only visible to an experienced expert. They offer homeowners' an advocate for dealing with insurance companies as well. Their claims experience may go a long way in the final determination of whether or not a claim is paid.

The metal parts that make up a roof, such as gutters, vents and flashing, receive the first inspection, since metal dents easily. This provides an indication of the size of the hailstones, too. Larger hailstones can crush the substrate of asphalt composition shingles, making them prone to losing the stone granules that provide resistance to water and sun.

Any flat areas of a roof require inspection because these often take direct hits from hailstones falling vertically.

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Ridge caps are an example of flat surfaces that take the brunt of the force.

The surface and edges of shingles receive attention next. It takes a trained eye to spot small missing pieces, shingles lacking the proper amount of granules based on the age of the roof, circular and linear cracks, and indentations that indicate that a roof's ability to protect the interior of the structure from water has suffered.

Insurance company adjusters receive training at spotting these same defects caused by hail. More than a few possess experience installing and replacing roofs before switching to the insurance industry. The interests of their employers often clash with those of homeowners because hail damage claims represent a major drain to insurance companies. Homeowners who attempt to tackle the project themselves without professional roofing assistance are not typically as happy with the results.

Asphalt composition shingles first appeared in the early years of the 20th century. They still enjoy widespread popularity for being a cost effective and attractive way to protect the inside of a house from water. Left unattended, hidden hail damage poses a serious threat to the shingles' ability to perform as intended.

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