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Homeowners who lack a gutter system or who are considering replacing their current system have a variety of options at their disposal. While there are many different styles made from a relatively wide selection of materials, it is undeniably the case that gutters play a vital role in protecting a roofing system from potentially significant water damage. Gutters aid in the expeditious removal of water from the roof surface while directing the flow of water away from the home's foundation. The installation of a gutter system is a project that can be performed by the homeowner or by professional Newport News roofers who have an understanding of the different types of systems available and how suitable they may be for a specific roofing system.

A gutter system may be composed of several different materials, including copper, aluminum, plastic or cast iron. Each material has its own advantages, and what the homeowner chooses may ultimately come down to aesthetic preferences. A copper system is known for its durability and its ease of installation, but, over time, the copper becomes weathered with a green patina. Some homeowners find the appearance of these weathered gutters appealing. Plastic systems are very lightweight and require very little maintenance, but they may not be able to boast the durability of a metal system.

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Aluminum systems are quite common, and many homeowners are now taking advantage of the continuous systems that significantly reduce the presence of seams. This feature is both aesthetically appealing and improves the performance of the system by eliminating places where debris or water may gather. Cast iron systems are durable but are also exceptionally heavy and may require a more intensive installation effort.

Once the homeowner has selected the material to be used on their gutters, they can then consider their options relating to the profile. These systems may be available in box, half round, square line or k style gutters. The style profile that is selected will depend greatly on the homeowner's preferences with regard to appearance, and the ease of installation may also be a consideration if the homeowner intends on personally installing the system.

Before installation of the new gutter system, homeowners should take the opportunity to add a coat of paint to the fascia if needed. It may also be necessary to trim the roofing felt so that it is at the appropriate length to direct water into the gutter without impeding its flow.

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