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The conditions of harsh winter weather can take a toll on a home's exterior as the moisture and weight of precipitation can have detrimental effects to the home's structure when not handled beforehand. Professional Newport News roofers can help homeowners renovate their siding and roofing to make homes more resistant before winter arrives.

There are several reasons to update or install siding on a home. The look of the home may not seem like a priority, but having a beautiful exterior can make a significant change. The aesthetic appeal of new siding can change the entire style of the home based on its color or pattern. After a long day of work, coming home and seeing a fresh exterior can make the return that much more peaceful.

Siding provides insulation that is beneficial to the environment as it increases a home's ability to retain heat in the winter. The home stays warmer in cold weather and cooler in the heat, so less energy is used. This also results in lower bills. Vinyl siding is extremely easy to keep clean, and it requires no harsh chemicals, painting or staining to maintain its appearance.

The less time and effort spent on maintaining the home's exterior, the more the inhabitants get to enjoy the home itself. New vinyl siding is more resistant to pests, scrapes and damage from impacts.

The roofing professionals from Jayhawk Exteriors of Newport News would be happy to answer any questions you have about windows or roofing.

Modern siding is extremely resistant to wind and weather damage as well, and it may help reduce disturbance from excess noise. It is easy to repair, and it provides a durability and longevity that other materials cannot. In addition to being less costly to maintain, vinyl siding is much more affordable to install than wood, cement or other materials for home exteriors.

Renovating the roof has many of the same benefits as adding or upgrading siding. Fixing a roof is even more valuable during the coldest parts of winter with heavy snowfall. The weight of winter snow places a heavy load on the roof, and the weight and moisture place further demand on it with each successive winter. The longer the roof goes without renovation, the more likely its age will contribute to loss of warm air inside the home. The home then has to work even harder to keep the desired temperature, and energy bills increase. An older roof can be dangerous as well. Aged roofs are susceptible to rotting or developing mold, and this can damage the structural integrity of the home as well as cause illness among inhabitants.

A new roof can increase the home's property value. The return on investment for a home with a new roof is 67 percent, and as much as 40 percent of the home's "curb appeal" comes from the look of the roof. The appearance makes a great backdrop for holiday decorations, and renovating before winter means the roof will be complete if selling in the spring or summer.

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