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Many homeowners may notice that their energy bills begin to rise during the summer. While this can be attributed to overall cooling system costs, many individuals are paying more than they need to on keeping their home's indoor environment comfortable. Many homeowners are quick to look into their air conditioning system to see if it is malfunctioning, but the truth is that the problem may not entirely be due to an inefficient HVAC unit. Many Newport News roofers will recommend for homeowners to look around their environment and see if there are certain sections of the home that could be made more energy efficient. One of the most problematic sections of the home through which cool air is frequently lost is the roof. While it can be frustrating to deal with sudden losses in cooling, homeowners can make their roofs more energy efficient by considering a few modifications.

One of the most important things that homeowners can do is choose the right roofing material. Individuals should choose a roofing material based on its UV ray absorption factor. The most desirable roofing materials will be able to reflect the sun's rays instead of absorbing them.

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These rooftops guarantee that they do not hold on to excess heat and instead emit the sun's radiation back into the atmosphere. Among the most commonly chosen roofing materials for such purposes are clay, concrete and metal. While there may be some misconceptions about these materials, statistics show that they are the most adept at reflecting heat and keeping it from radiating through the home.

Another good way to reflect heat through the roofing system is to choose a roof that is lighter colored. Lighter colored roofs can be an inexpensive fix to a heat retention problem because all that the homeowner will need to do is ask for a color treatment option. Lighter colors are more adept at reflecting heat and light away from the home, which can often be enough to help individuals see some real savings in their energy bills.

Finally, homeowners should consider looking into ways to insulate their attics. Good insulation will be able to keep the outside heat out and the inside air in, resulting in cooler summers and warmer winters. Different attics will have different specifications, however, so homeowners should be sure to consult with the professionals before they finalize any insulation details around their home. Usually, roofing experts will look into ways to maximize the airflow while keeping the outside elements out.

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