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Since a roof is a major investment, it's only natural for homeowners to want to minimize their repair and maintenance costs. One way to accomplish this goal is for homeowners to develop an awareness of what repairs they're likely to need at one point or another and what can be done to minimize repair costs. Knowing what to look for beyond obvious leaks and storm damage can also help homeowners know when it's time to call qualified Newport News roofers to safely inspect their roof to determine the extent of the problem sooner rather than later, possibly adding up to substantial savings.

Most homeowners are going to experience leaks now and then. Leaks and moisture damage can be caused by anything from sealant that has become worn over time to damaged flashing around chimneys and other possible points of entry on a roof. In fact, approximately 90 percent of roof leaks occur around flashing points. After unexpected leaks, the most common roof repair is the replacement of blown-off, broken, or loose shingles. While not always likely to result in a leak, damaged shingles should also be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the underlying roof structure.

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The same is true for cracked and brittle shingles damaged from sun exposure.

Replacing poorly attached or damaged flashing is another common roof repair that homeowners often encounter, especially with older or improperly installed roofing systems. Poor gravel concentration or an insufficient number of fasteners in the base sheet can also cause shingles to bubble, crack or slip out of place over time. Improper installation can also make a roof more susceptible to damage. For instance, seams made with cold adhesives aren't likely to hold as well as seems treated with adhesive that's been cured. This is also true if, during the original installation of the roof, a roofer didn't leave a roof protected with tarp or other coverings before the adhesive had a chance to cool and set.

Faulty installation or in adequate repairs can also result in the need for roof repairs to correct structural mistakes. This is why most roofing professionals encourage homeowners moving into older homes to have their roof inspected. Proactive roof repairs are often less costly than repairs that require immediate attention. If a roof wasn't installed properly, the entire roof system may need to be replaced, which can be a more cost effective fix in the long run when factoring in the likely cost of repeated repairs and premature roof failure.

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