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Selecting a new roof for a home should not only concern the color of the roof and what it will look like on the house. There are other considerations that should be carefully thought out to make sure the roof is both beautiful and functional.

The type of roof chosen for the home will have a great deal to do with how energy efficient the home is. The new roof can be a great asset in keeping a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Or, it can be a drain on the energy bill and the homeowner's pocketbook. Experienced Newport News roofers should be consulted to design the perfect roof that will be a beautiful complement to a home while also being energy efficient.

While the color of the roof is a typical concern with the overall look of the home, it should also be considered when choosing an energy efficient roof. Certain colors will perform better in different parts of the country depending on the climate. If the home is located in an area that is typically very hot in the summer, lighter shingles would be a better option as they are more reflective of the sun. Darker shingles will absorb heat and transfer it to the home below.

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However, if darker shingles are the best option for the look of the home, it is possible to add a reflective coating, which will prevent the darker roof from absorbing so much heat.

Ridge vents can be helpful in making the roof more energy efficient. This is especially true in areas where the temperature can reach a constant 90 to 100 degrees in the summer time. A ridge vent system provides extra ventilation in the attic area to allow much warmer air to escape. The removal of the excessively hot air helps the overall temperature of the home to be cooler. This also helps the insulation in the home to perform better.

The specific type of roofing material chosen can have a substantial impact on the energy savings with the new roof. In areas where moisture is a problem, certain roofing materials can grow mold and mildew. Other roofing materials are unable to withstand hot, dry climates and they will decay faster. Any issue that harms the integrity of a roof will impact the energy efficiency. This is another reason it is so important to only trust a certified and experienced roofer who can provide advice about the best roofing material for the climate.

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