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Homeowners sometimes think the lowest estimate is the best deal, but, while cost is important, it's not the only factor to take into account. When making a significant investment in a new roof, homeowners should ensure they're working with a reputable business by asking for the company's tax ID number, business phone number and address. Homeowners should get a business card and find out if the contractor has a web page and email address. In addition, any reputable roofing business will be able to verify their local or state business license status. The licensing regulations vary by state, but customers can go to their state's web page for the Department of Professional Regulation to get information. Proof of insurance is important as well. An unqualified, unlicensed and uninsured roofer will increase the risk of poor quality work for the homeowner, and, if a worker is injured, the homeowner could be liable.

References can provide reassurance about the contractor's competence. Homeowners should always follow through and get in contact with previous customers. People tend to make comments online when they're dissatisfied, so it's wise to take a few minutes to search for reputable Newport News roofers online.

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Once a homeowner knows the kind of roof they want, they should check the manufacturer web page to see if roofers responsible for their installation are required to have special training. It's incumbent upon the homeowner to understand the manufacturer's warranty as well.

A qualified roofer should be able to state how many workers will be on the job, if they'll be supervised and how long the job will take. Be wary of contractors who go door to door, or who imply that they can get the insurance company to pay for the work. These roofers can expose homeowners to a fraudulent insurance claim.

When requesting an estimate, ask if there's a charge. Make sure the contractor prepares a written and detailed contract that involves all work to be performed, materials to be used, the payment schedule and assurance of complete clean up. Since a new roof is costly, it's a good idea to have someone review the contract prior to signing. If a contractor asks for full payment up front, look elsewhere. The standard procedure is a deposit of one third of the payment initially, with final payment at the completion of the job to the customer's satisfaction. Always pay by credit card or check.

If there is clear storm damage, there may be pressure to find a roofer quickly. When it comes to the need for annual inspections, however, homeowners can browse available roofing contractors and determine the right fit for their budgets.

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