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Just like every other part of a house, a roof will sustain some damage eventually. In fact, the roof may be the part of a house that is the most at risk for damage due to its constant exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, the roof is frequently the last thing homeowners focus on when it comes to home maintenance simply because it's not a part of the house that is constantly in view.

There are countless causes of damage to a roof. Poor maintenance is often to blame. Homeowners should inspect their roof at least twice a year for any signs of trouble and get repair problem spots as soon as possible. Catching potential issues early on and consulting with reputable Newport News roofers is essential to saving money in the long run.

If the installation is not properly done, a homeowner may end up with a roof that is an endless source of problems. This is why it's crucial to make sure that the roofing contractor is qualified and can provide excellent recommendations upon request. If the roof isn't installed correctly, it's possible that manufacturer warranties will be voided, and the roof will have a much shorter life span than what's typically expected.

UV rays, rain, hail and snow all contribute to the aging and deterioration of a roof.

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Direct sunlight will eventually dry out asphalt tiles, causing them to crack. Hail can damage the protective outer coating of shingles. Ice dams can form in the winter when snow is melting and refreezing on the roof, creating pools of water that will soak into roof tiles and damage the roofing system.

Severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes are also threats to any roof. The vibrations from these storms can stress the structure of a home, which can lead to roof damage. Vibrations from minor earthquakes and even from heavy traffic can contribute to damage to a roof over time.

Damaged or incorrectly installed flashing is a common source of leaks. Flashing is meant to create a waterproof seal at roof valleys and around roof accessories like chimneys, vents and skylights. Additionally, any equipment that a homeowner installs onto a roof will add extra weight that can contribute to damage. Furthermore, when a technician goes up onto a roof to install items such as air conditioning units or satellites, some damage can be unintentionally inflicted on the roof's structure.

When a homeowner regularly inspects a roof and gives it the same amount of attention that he or she gives to the rest of the home, the homeowner can spot roof damage before it becomes advanced. Prompt repairs of any damage can help to avoid the need for expensive repairs or even roof replacement in the future.

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