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While the most noticeable portion of the roof is the shingles, there are actually many different layers of roofing materials underneath that are each an integral part of the entire roofing system. The outer covering is the section of the roof that is most exposed to the elements, and therefore receives the most amount of potential damage. However, Newport News roofers know that each layer of the roof must be constructed with high quality roofing materials and properly installed in order to provide enhanced support for the outermost layer. Here is a general overview about the basic components that make up a roof system.

The foundation of the roof is referred to as the roof deck, which offers the support that is necessary for the roof to remain structurally sound. Whenever roofing contractors install the roof deck, they must not only account for the actual weight of the materials that will be laid on top of it, but also for any anticipated weight that might be required in order to withstand weather patterns. For example, whenever high winds or heavy rainstorms strike the area, they can add additional pressure, and the roof deck must be built to sufficiently accommodate these forces. Roof decks can be constructed with a variety of materials, such as plywood, concrete, metal and OSB sheets.

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While insulation might not be as common of a roofing component on older homes, modern homes usually feature plenty of insulation on the underside of the roof, in the attic areas and in other strategic places. With the invention of spray foam insulation, it is easier than ever for contractors to enhance the energy efficiency of the home because the foam allows ease of access into places that are more difficult to reach.

Roofing contractors apply underlayment directly to the surface of the roof deck to serve as a shield against water damage. Each type of roofing system might work best with a different type of underlayment material. For example, if roofing contractors install slate tiles, they will most likely apply an entirely different type of underlayment material than they might install on a system that features asphalt shingles.

After each of these components is successfully installed, the contractors will begin to apply the starter shingles, which can either be hand cut by the contractors or purchased in a premade adhesive format. The contractors will most likely overlap each row of shingles in order to prevent them from being blown off during a severe storm.

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