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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Understanding Roof Tear Off Steps

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When homeowners decide to replace their roof, most projects begin with a tear off process. Unless the project can be overlaid on old materials, contractors must physically pull several rooftop layers off to expose the decking below. Chesapeake roofers can discuss all tear off details with homeowners, so they know what to expect during their unique project. A tear off procedure appears severe, but gives workers a clear view of the roof's health and functionality before the addition of new shingles.

Safety must always come first even in material tear off situations, so first steps are to survey the rooftop for anchor points. Contractors will often add anchors to the support beams below, giving workers a safe area to attach their safety harnesses. Although workers use many other safety items, including knee guards, these anchors provide the best connection points for contractors who need to keep steady on the rooftop.

Contractors proceed to pull up the roofing layers in sections. Ideally, workers don't want to reveal the entire rooftop at once for fear that rain or other complications occur. Roofers use heavy duty hand tools to pry the materials up. They work carefully to avoid damaging any lower structural layers, including the decking. This removal process reveals rooftop clues as materials are pulled, such as leak stains along underlayment.

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Contractors make note of these clues for further investigation.

Deck inspection comes before any new materials are rolled out. Contractors look at this plywood very carefully, noting any stains, cracks or bowed areas. Roofers note and estimate any damaged areas. The deck must be repaired or replaced before a new roof can be installed. This wood supports all upper layers, making its strength critical for decades of leak free use.

Although homeowners are usually concerned with cleanup efforts after the entire project is completed, tear off cleanliness is important too. Contractors will place all used items in large dumpster trailers for disposal. Some companies even have recycling partners to deal with shingle waste instead of adding it to local landfills.

It's important to note that tear off costs involve substantial labor and are usually added to the basic installation charges. Some homeowners might want to avoid tear off fees by simply overlaying their old shingles. However, most reputable contractors don't recommend this process because the structure can become more vulnerable to leaks with the addition of stacked materials. Investing in tear off and installation procedures will pay off in the future with reduced repair charges and higher property values.

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