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Chesapeake roofers know that a roofing system does not fail overnight. There are telltale signs indicating that a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and needs to be repaired or replaced. There are also signs that indicate when damage is affecting a particular part of the roof. Some of these signs include algae growth, blistering, curling, damaged flashing, missing granules and rotting.

Algae growth causes black or brown discoloration on shingles. Some mistake algae growth for dirt or droppings from a tree. It can be a challenge to remove algae. However, a roof can be chemically treated to prevent algae growth.

Blistering occurs when moisture accumulates inside the shingle. As the shingle heats up, the moisture evaporates, causing the surface material of the shingle to blister and eventually break open. Shingles with open blisters should be replaced, as they no longer provide protection against the elements.

Buckling occurs when a roof's ventilation system is improperly installed. To repair the problem, the roof's decking, underlayment and all affected shingles should be replaced. Additional ventilation should be added to the roof. The minimum requirement for ventilation is one square foot of vent area for every 150 to 300 square feet of attic floor space. This number will fluctuate depending on whether or not a vapor retarder is installed.

Improper ventilation can also cause curling.

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As the attic heats up, the shingles dry out and curl. Nails that have been placed too high or an insufficient amount of nails in the shingle can also lead to this problem. Damaged shingles should be replaced and proper ventilation should be installed.

Flashing around the chimney, walls or skylights can become damaged over time as a result of improper installation, or they may deteriorate as the home settles. The best fix is to replace damaged flashing.

Shingles that are missing granules indicate that the roofing material has reached the end of its life cycle. Homeowners may find piles of granules in their gutter after a heavy rainfall, or they may see bare patches on their shingles. Both of these signs indicate that shingles should be replaced.

Missing shingles are caused by either heavy wind or improper installation. If the roof is an overall good condition, the missing shingles can be replaced and the roof should still be viable.

Rotting shingles, on the other hand, indicate severe water damage. The shingles, the underlayment and the roof decking will often need to be replaced in order to make the roof sound. A professional roofer can examine the condition of a roof and determine what maintenance and repair options are best for each situation.

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