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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About The Importance Of Warranty Coverage

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Shingles are a great roofing material, but when they're installed incorrectly, they can deteriorate prematurely and violate the manufacturer's warranty. There are comprehensive warranties covering shingles under most circumstances, but factors outside of the manufacturer's control can't be covered by a warranty. Catastrophic events such as house fires caused by faulty electrical wiring can leave homeowners stuck with the entire cost of a roof replacement. Additionally, it voids the warranty when roofers mix components from various manufacturers.

Chesapeake roofers should always have the proper insurance, licenses and factory training to ensure that protocol is followed for every roof replacement. Shingle manufacturers are restrained in their ability to offer warranty coverage, but some companies are able to offer better warranties than others. The shingle industry has developed a very precise method of grading shingles and predicting exactly how long they should last, but this grading system doesn't hold up when shingles are installed incorrectly.

The reason some companies offer better warranties than others is that they take steps to ensure that their shingles are never installed incorrectly.

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A standard shingle warranty lasts between 10 and 50 years and typically offers a non prorated coverage of parts, but it doesn't cover the labor of tearing down and reinstalling the roof. Under ideal conditions, if the shingles fail for any reason before the coverage ends, they'll be replaced, but the homeowner will have to pay for the tear down and disposal.

It's likely that a catastrophe won't happen as these events are rare, but it's possible that a roofer will make a mistake when installing the roof. An untrained roofer can miss important steps that can lead to shingle damage or premature wear, and only a factory inspection of the completed roof can prevent this problem. Shingle companies need a strong assurance that a roofer is professional and competent before they can schedule an inspection, and few companies have the resources to verify the thousands of roofers installing their shingles.

The only shingle company that offers 100 percent warranty coverage backed by a factory inspection is GAF, and it's only offered from factory trained Master Elite contractors. This coverage is called the Golden Pledge warranty, and it assumes 100 percent liability for all replacement parts and labor. GAF is able to offer this warranty because the inspection verifies that all installation steps were followed in the proper order, and any errors discovered must be fixed immediately.

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