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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About The Benefits Of Repairing Historical Windows

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Many homeowners are torn between restoring and replacing the windows in their historical homes. Many old windows are removed because it is sometimes believed that old windows are not made from energy efficient materials. If a homeowner wants to preserve their home's original windows, they should work closely with their Chesapeake roofers to ensure they're making the best choice for their home and wallet. There can be many benefits to keeping original windows in place.

Key figures in the business of restoring historical buildings agree that replacing a "character defining" window should be a very last resort during restoration. For homeowners who aren't sure whether a window can be repaired, they should try to find a comparable replacement or else consult with an experienced contractor who can help them with the repairs.

Contrary to popular belief, the original windows in many historical homes are just as energy efficient as modern windows. In the past, windows were required to efficiently seal in the heat from fireplaces and wood or coal stoves. Prior to 1900, most homes had double hung windows that could be easily opened during the hot summer months.

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The hot air left through the top opening while cooler air came in through the bottom. A good window contractor will be able to help homeowners install screens and seal any drafts so that the system can continue to be utilized.

Restoring a historical home can seem like a waste of materials. Rotted wood, pipes and fixtures are often thrown out because they're in no condition to be used or repurposed. Saving the windows is sustainable, as well. Not only is there no extra waste, there is also no need to purchase new windows. If done correctly, the repairs made on an old window can last up to fifty years, adding an additional 50 years to the window's lifespan. A contractor can easily take apart a window, perform the necessary repairs and put it back together again. If glass panes need to be replaced, the cost of repairs will be less than a new window installation. Oftentimes, the only things needed to renovate the windows are processes that include reglazing the glass, sealing the wood and caulking any leaks.

The benefits of repairing old windows instead of replacing them impacts both the environment and the homeowner's wallet. There's no need to add unnecessary waste to already overloaded landfills when there are perfectly good materials already in place.

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