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Each home has a different pitch to its roof, from flat areas to standard slopes. Structures with steep slopes are defined as roofs with more than a 14 degree angle. Chesapeake roofers must estimate these roofs carefully because they require more safety checks and worker expertise than a low slope application. Homeowners should understand some of the roofers' steps during a steep slope service or installation to fully appreciate the project's challenges.

Standard roofs can simply be walked on immediately by professionals, but steep slopes must have their surface prepared. Homeowners might see foot blocks being attached to the surface. These basic lumber lengths are nailed to the roof in a horizontal orientation. Foot blocks provide a stepping area for contractors, allowing them to have better purchase against the surface. Standing on the slope alone is extremely stressful on the ankles and legs, but foot blocks provide a resting area to reduce daily strain.

Extremely steep roofs must be treated carefully by roofers because injuries are very possible. For these service calls, contractors wear specialized harnesses attached to anchors. They'll use an anchor near the roof's ridge, providing a connection point for their harnesses. If anyone slips, the harnesses catch their fall. Homeowners should note that wearing harnesses could slow down some of the work because of wiring restraints.

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Homeowners will also see more workers throughout the day, especially on a complete installation. Roofers may work about 2 hours on the steep slope and then move to ground level. Workers on the ground rotate onto the rooftop to continue services. This rotation method allows all roofers to have a break, contributing to safety and quality work all day long. Workers remaining on a steep slope for longer than 2 hours may be too fatigued to perform proper repair or installation steps.

It's also necessary for workers to have extra breaks throughout a workday when dealing with steep slopes. This break time is worked into the project's complete timeline, so homeowners know their roof will be completed as promised. Site managers who make sure their crew members are well rested ensure that homeowners will receive a strong roof with years of reliable service.

All roofing projects have some elements of danger to them, but steep slopes are inherently difficult. Homeowners should hire contractors with an extensive background in steep applications. From estimating span to walking confidently on the surface, experience gives both contractors and homeowners a sense of comfort for a successful project.

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