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It is always imperative to choose experienced Chesapeake roofers for any type of roof job, but this requirement is substantially heightened when steep slope roofs are involved. A high pitch only serves to complicate all of the basic tasks that roofing professionals are called upon to perform.

On low and medium slope roofs, particularly those that sit close to the ground, little more than a ladder or two may be needed to get up on the roof and go to work. Taller, steeper inclines, however, are much more challenging. Railings made of two by fours and roof jacks may need to run the length of the roof and staircase up its side. Scaffolding planks may even be necessary in some areas. Ladders will also often be laid down flat on the roof to facilitate vertical movement.

Proper safety standards become more critical as the pitch of the roof surface increases. Transport of workers, equipment and materials up and down the roof must be done with great care. Tear off and other debris must be removed from the roof in a safe and orderly manner. Thus, transportation systems must be thought out and followed meticulously.

All of the regular duties of roofing must be done with as much precision and quality workmanship as on a low slope roof.

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Old roofing and nails must be removed thoroughly, and the bar decking should be inspected for defects. New plywood must be laid down where needed. Underlayment and flashing must be used to prepare the roof surface. The shingles must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions for the warranty to remain valid. All of this must be accomplished under adverse working conditions.

Even when a roof is only low or medium slope, it will often still have steep sections. Knowledge of and experience with installing roofing on steep roofs thus will come into play even when a roof in not generally set at a steep pitch.

Using an inexperienced roofing contractor on steep roofs can lead to needless accidents. Both the roof workers and those who may unwarily walk below could be in danger. Needless damage to the roof or other parts of the house could also result from a novice job. Finally, lack of familiarity with steep roof work might tend to reduce the quality of the final product in some cases. All of these issues are avoided, however, when properly trained roofing contractors are hired.

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