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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Soffit, Fascia, and Window Trim

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Soffit, fascia and window trim are a niche area of construction all their own, but many Chesapeake roofers have acquired expertise in this specialized area. It can be particularly challenging for the uninitiated to avoid waves, bumps, nicks and chips in the material, and significant savings may accrue by having a single contractor handle these three tasks along with the siding or roofing.

Soffit is placed under the overhanging areas of a house, which are not covered in regular siding. At times, it will lay over a flat surface, but often enough, it hides a vacant cavity above it. It is through this cavity, and through the soffit itself, that a house breathes. Without being able to naturally ventilate, a house can deteriorate more rapidly due to condensation buildup and other factors. Soffit also adds a band of color that encircles much of the house and adorns the gable ends. The two main options aesthetically are to blend in with the siding color or to complement it.

Fascia trim covers and protects the surface of wooden fascia boards. The fascia board runs along the roof line and holds the gutter troughs in most cases. Aluminum or some other rust proof material is often used for this purpose since rain and gutter splash may contact the fascia board.

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A skilled contractor will be able to minimize waves in the fascia by optimal positioning of small aluminum nails. These nails are also often put in inconspicuous locations, or even underneath the gutters, for visual reasons. Installing fascia on high chimney tops and on gables where two boards meet at an angle is particularly challenging. In fact, special, two step fascia is used on many gable ends, and contractors sometimes must custom bend this specialized gable fascia.

Window trim is, perhaps, the most challenging of these three to properly install. Some window trim comes prebent, but many jobs require use of a brake to custom bend each piece. The trim is normally made of aluminum, and is caulked and nailed to wooden boards surrounding the outside windows. Modern, vinyl encased windows do not require this trim work, but some prefer to put wood around these windows too and trim them out. Complex, multistage bends must be done in sequence and to precise specifications. Nails must be made nearly invisible, and caulk beads must be smooth and not overly thick. Clearly, window trim cannot be done optimally by a mere beginner.

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