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Chesapeake roofers know that slate is a great roofing material because it is durable, gives a home a unique appearance and it requires little maintenance. Slate has been used as a building material for centuries and has stood the test of time. Installing a slate roof is a financial commitment, however, because it is expensive in comparison to other roofing materials. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the advantages and disadvantages of slate before investing in it.

Slate has a natural aesthetic appeal. It comes in a wide range of colors, including green, black, red and purple, as well as tiles that have a mixture of colors. Slate tiles also come in different textures, too, with no two pieces looking exactly the same. They are crafted by hand to meet the specifications of a homeowner. This means that a homeowner can choose the shape, the thickness and the style of the tiles that are placed on their roof. Slate roofs do not age and will maintain their unique appearance for years.

In addition, slate has a longevity that far outshines other building materials. Roofs that are made using slate tiles last 100 years or more, which is at least twice as long as other roofing materials. Because of this, many roofing manufacturers offer a 100 year warranty on the slate roofing systems they install.

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This makes slate an attractive option for homeowners who do not plan to sell their home.

Since slate is a natural stone, it is much more durable than a man made material. It has high density and is waterproof. Slate is 100 percent noncombustible and will protect the home in the event of a fire, and, additionally, it is not affected by extreme fluctuations in temperatures. Therefore, it is perfect for areas that have inclement weather. This material is impervious to fungus and mold, making it practically maintenance free.

Installing a slate roof on a home increases its resale value. The fact that slate is permanent and requires little maintenance makes a home with a slate roof more attractive to potential buyers.

Though homeowners can benefit from slate's many advantages, there are a few downsides to this type of installation. If an inexperienced contractor works on a slate roof, he or she can easily damage it. Furthermore, when a tile is broken, finding an exact color match can be difficult. Slate tiles are also heavy, and a home with this kind of roofing material will require its trusses and joists to be reinforced.

In comparison to traditional roofing materials, slate is a more expensive option. However, the expense is relative when compared to the benefits associated with its long lifespan or to the resale value slate adds to the home. Homeowners interested in this type of roofing material should consult with professional contractors who are experienced with its installation.

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