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Most roofs eventually need to be replaced, sometimes as often as every 10 years. Not only is it generally expensive to have a new roof installed, but the old roofing material is discarded in landfills, which potentially has a negative effect on the environment. The materials used to create new roofs can also deplete natural resources. Building owners can rely on Chesapeake roofers for expert advice on choosing a roofing material that is within their budget, will last a long time and that has a minimal ecological impact.

One of the first questions to ask is how long each kind of roof material will last. Some materials are inherently more durable than others. Sometimes the durability is offset by other factors. For example, slate, which is stone, will outlast asphalt shingles. Slate is also fire resistant, but it's very expensive, brittle and breaks easily. Climate considerations are another factor affecting the life span of each type. Some materials are more resistant to sun damage than others. Some materials must be mold resistant because of frequent wet conditions.

An important aspect of choosing the best roofing material is the design of the building.

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The slope, or steepness, of the roof affects the difficulty of installation as well as the type of materials used. Some materials, such as clay tiles, are so heavy that the building walls must be reinforced to keep the roof from collapsing. The appearance of the rest of the structure is another consideration. The roofing materials must complement the architectural style of the building and exterior materials used in its construction.

Building codes and other restrictions can prohibit the use of certain roofing materials under specific conditions. Care and maintenance requirements are important. Some roofs will deteriorate quickly if not properly maintained. Homeowners don't always have the time, ability or desire to provide that care.

Cost can be a limiting factor when selecting materials for a new roof. Because they are economical, asphalt shingles are a popular choice even though they have a shorter life span than most other choices. When making a decision, the owner needs to consider the initial cost of the material, the labor costs of installing it and the cost of upkeep. Those costs must then be spread over the estimated lifetime of the roof. It's always possible that a roofing material that seems prohibitively expensive initially will prove to be more economical because it will last much longer than other types.

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