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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Rooftop Lifespan Influences

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The roof's main purpose is to protect the home from water damage and other problems caused by the weather. Because they act as barriers, roofs succumb to damage over time. Chesapeake roofers must inspect and repair roofs each year to ensure they'll last through another stormy season. Homeowners should evaluate some of the most common problems that may shorten a roof's lifespan in order to maintain a strong structure each year.

Homeowners may appreciate the shading and cooling factors trees offer the landscape, but debris naturally falls onto roofs when branches hang too far over the structure. Although some debris falls immediately to the ground, other piles accumulate on shingles. Moisture from dew and rain permeates the debris, allowing moss and algae to grow directly on the roofing. With fungi decaying the material at a slow pace, a roof's lifespan can be cut short if it doesn't receive proper care.

New construction homes are often advertised as being airtight, holding heated and cooled air indoors to reduce loss to the outside. However, rooftops require airflow between the exterior and interior to increase shingle lifespans. When ventilation louvers are lacking under roof eaves, attic spaces increase in temperature. The roof and attic have starkly different temperatures, leading to shingle decay from hot and cold stress.

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Proper ventilation to even out temperatures increases roofing lifespans significantly.

Even the best quality roofing materials must need yearly maintenance. When many years pass without a professional checking on the materials, they can break down more quickly. Yearly inspections allow contractors to remove bad sections and replace them with new materials. This small repair process reduces the chances of more materials being affected over time. Moss and algae damage across a few shingles can be stopped before spreading with frequent inspections.

Roofs cannot escape some weathering aspects. If one roof side is facing the west, hot summer afternoons will weather that area faster than a shaded, northerly side. When rain or hail tend to pelt one side of the property, those shingles will need more inspections and replacements than other areas. Roofers take all these factors into consideration to offer a customized visit for each homeowner.

Learn more about roof lifespans by speaking with a professional each time they visit the property. Contractors may have some specific suggestions for a particular roof design, from steep- to low-slope installations. With increased rooftop knowledge, homeowners will have a better time maintaining the structure with a professional's guidance.

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