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It's always recommended that homeowners contact professionals when it comes time to make repairs on their roofs. Due to this, many people think it's unnecessary to learn roofing terminology. The roofers are the ones doing the work, so why would the homeowner need to know any roofing terms? Knowing roofing terms, however, allows them to accurately convey their problems. By giving Chesapeake roofers detailed information about a roofing problem, homeowners will receive more in depth estimates on how long the work will take and how much it will cost.

There is much more to a roof than just shingles or other roof coverings. It's a complex system with the main function of protecting the home from the outside elements. The bottom most layer of this system is the roofing deck, which is the platform to which all other roofing materials are mounted. The roofing deck itself isn't waterproof, which is why it needs a roof covering to keep the water out of the house.

The dormer is a type of structure that houses a vertically laid window over the slope of a roof. When a roofer refers to the term "eave," he is referring to the lowest point of a roof that hangs over the wall of a house. The word "gable" refers to the outer triangular section that is formed between the left and right side of a roof peak.

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While this is the actual definition of a gable, the term can also be used to describe a certain style of roof. When roofers refer to the hip of a roof, they are referring to the intersection of the two roof planes. From here, the planes form a ridge that runs from the peak to the eave.

All of the fixtures on the roof have their own names as well. For example, the metal covering over seams on the roof is known as flashing. The goal of flashing is to make roofs more waterproof. There are even terms that roofers use to describe certain parts of a fixture. For example, the term "exposure" is used to describe the part of a shingle that is exposed to the weather.

There are typically two vents on a roof. Roofers refer to these as the ridge vent and the under eave vent. The under eave vent brings fresh air from the outside into the attic. This fresh air pushes the warm air out of the attic through the ridge vent. This air circulation extends the life of roofing materials by keeping them from getting too hot. The life cycles of roofs without proper ventilation decline overall.

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