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For homeowners who are buying a new roof for the first time, one of the biggest fears they may have is the cost. Though the cost of new roofing can vary significantly, in most cases, the majority of the cost takes into account the labor required for the installation. However, Chesapeake roofers remind their customers that the material cost is also a factor. When adding these costs together, the average price typically ranges from $225 to $1,000 per square.

A square is the standard measurement in the roofing industry, and each square is equal to 100 square feet of roof. However, this is only part of the equation, and other elements to take into consideration are the adhesive, tools and other materials, such as nails, that must be paid for as well.

Standard roofing materials include asphalt shingles. These shingles come in two different types, and there are also shingles that are made of metal, wood and recycled materials. These materials also have different costs associated with them.

Asphalt is usually the most affordable type of roofing material as well, and a homeowner can expect to pay from $75 to $90 per square.

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If choosing architectural shingles, a higher end asphalt shingle, a homeowner can expect to pay $100 to $160 per square.

Wood shingles are another option, and, though many people enjoy their rustic look, they are more expensive than asphalt. Wood shingles are made of cedar, pine, redwood and cypress. Classic sawn shingles have a uniform thickness, smooth sides and an even look. Shakes are another type of wooden shingle, and they are usually split and sawn, rough on one side and smooth on the other. Costs that go into the wood shingle price include the grade of the material and any chemical treatments such as moisture and fire resistance. These run from about $175 to $275 for each square.

While it is also possible to buy recycled shingles, it can be difficult to put an average price on these. Since these may not be made in the United States, as they are mainly made in Canada, there is an exchange rate to contend with along with distribution costs. It is also difficult to price due to the fact that manufacturers use different recycled materials in the makeup of these shingles. Typically, they are made with recycled plastic, rubber or agricultural fiber. If this is the case, they are usually double the cost of asphalt shingles, running from $150 to over $300 per square.

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