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While most windows are built into a structure's walls, some architectural designs allow contractors to install roof windows. Although a skylight provides natural light, it fails to let fresh air into the room. Roof windows, on the other hand, are manufactured in a variety of styles that can be opened and closed with ease. Regardless of the roof's pitch or covering type, an appropriate roof window can usually be installed by an experienced technician. Chesapeake roofers can help clients determine if this enhancement will work with their residential or commercial roofing systems.

Most roof window frames are finished in either pine or UPVC. A number of fabricators supply the market with high quality windows at competitive prices. The types of openers include top hung, side hung, center pivot, top third pivot, conservation, and balcony or terrace. Some roof windows are even operated by remote control. When a top hung window is placed on a roof slope, the bottom handle is normally accessible to the building's occupants. It opens outward, providing an exceptional view and creating additional headroom. A side hung style can serve a similar purpose but must be pushed to the side rather than up.

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With a center pivot style, the window can be placed lower on the roof slope and is easy to reach even when it is situated directly over furniture. This opener type often has a control bar at the top and the potential to let in fresh air from the outdoors.

A less common but equally functional roof window style is the top third pivot. Although it works like a center pivot, the rotation axis rests at the window's top third instead of the middle. This feature offers residents the option to look at the view from a standing position while still enjoying the benefits of a center pivot design. For a more expansive connection with the outdoors, some property owners erect a roof terrace that they can enter through a balcony window.

An old building can acquire the energy efficiency of modern technology without sacrificing its historic appearance. Conservation style roof windows blend with many architectural designs from the past. Likewise, a flat roof is not limited in possibilities. It can accommodate both fixed and access roof windows. In fact, industrial building codes require openings for the sake of smoke ventilation. Several windows can be installed on a flat roofing system without altering the structure's curb appeal. For the convenience of the tenants, flat roof windows may be located at the top of a staircase or maneuvered with a wireless control.

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