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The best way to prevent damage to roofs is a two step process that covers prevention and maintenance. Regular upkeep may include an annual inspection and cleaning of gutters and downspouts, and prevention looks at ways in which contractors can help a home avoid certain types of damage caused by high winds, excess rain, snow and ice. Chesapeake roofers offer preventative maintenance options and services for those who own their own homes as well as those who own commercial buildings.

The most important step in a maintenance plan is an initial inspection. The best time for one of these inspections is usually at the start of spring. Although this part of the state receives little in the way of snow, it can experience a few flurries throughout the winter and freezing rain. Contractors typically wait until after the temperature rises before going forward with an inspection.

This initial inspection is a thorough process that looks at the support structures, underlayment, shingles, membrane and any other parts of the roof. Contractors can identify signs of leaks or potential leaks, shingles that are broken or otherwise damaged, and a host of other problems.

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At the end of the inspection, the contractors will come up with an in depth maintenance program that shows the building owners everything they need to do throughout the year.

A preventative maintenance program for a roof will also include an annual inspection, but some contractors may suggest that buildings get an inspection two or more times every year. This allows the roofing contractors to identify any damaged components that need to be repaired or replaced. A manufacturer warranty may not cover all the necessary repairs that the roof requires. The parent roofing company can examine the insurance policy that a building owner has and determine if the policy will cover the damage.

Proper maintenance of a roof usually requires the cleaning of gutters and downspouts too. Everything from animals to trash flying through the air can clog the gutters and lead to blockages forming in the downspouts, which can cause water damage to the foundation and roof itself. Local companies may suggest that building owners opt for gutter screens. Also known as gutter guards, the screens act as a protective barrier to keep animals from building nests and trash from accumulating in the gutters and moving into the downspouts. Companies that install gutter guards may offer to clean any debris off the top of those guards as part of a preventative maintenance plan for a roof.

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