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Regardless of the quality and cost of a new roof, the installation must be followed by routine maintenance and repairs in order to get the full benefit of the investment. Cleaning and inspection methods are similar for various roof types. Whether the structure consists of tile, metal, shingles or built up materials, the main concerns are the growth of moss, algae, mold and mildew. Equally important is the mending of cracked, chipped or stained roofing components. Failure to take care of these issues in a timely manner can result in further decline. Chesapeake roofers can advise homeowners about how to properly care for and extend the life of specific roofing systems.

Spray washing is the most common way to clean a roof. It works for any style as long as the nozzle is chosen precisely for the affected materials. A narrow spray is more destructive than a wide nozzle and often cracks tiles or ruins the protective grit on the exterior of shingles. If the lowest pressure setting is powerful enough to remove the dirt and unwanted growth from the roof, it should be used so that the system remains undamaged. When no fungal plants are present, the roof can simply be hosed off for the washing away of soil and debris.

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Otherwise, surfaces and pores can be cleared out through either manual eradication or the application of herbicides.

Scraping can be harmful to any kind of roofing material, so pressure washing is usually the selected process. In addition to picking a broad nozzle, try holding it high in the air while spraying in order to reduce the pressure.

Most fungi are relatively easy to loosen and push off the roof. Green moss may not even require a cleaning solution. However, a roof that is stained with black mold may present a problem. Sometimes, the cleansing agent must be sprayed on and left overnight to soak before the pressure washer can remove it. Although eco friendly, non chlorinated products are on the market, the most commonly used solution consists of either sodium hydroxide or, for metal roofs, tri sodium phosphate (TSP).

A freshly cleaned roofing system shows cracks and chips more readily than a dirty structure. After these potential hazards have been repaired, the homeowner may wish to repaint or reseal the vulnerable materials. Then, a safeguard can be added that will discourage the regrowth of algae, mold, mildew and moss. Metal molecules kill fungal plants, so a strip of zinc or copper placed under the top row of shingles will allow the potent particles to drip down the rooftop with every rainstorm. Be sure to leave a small part of the metal in the open for the full effect.

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