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When most people hear the term retrofitting, they think of the construction done on buildings following an earthquake. Retrofitting services are any type of services that are designed to extend the life of a building or a roof. This usually involves the installation of new components and materials. Chesapeake roofers often provide these services when a natural disaster, including a hurricane or hailstorm, damages a roof.

Located close to several natural bodies of water, homes and commercial properties located in Chesapeake are particularly susceptible to damage from the environment. Birds living in the swamp and near major lakes can build nests in the gutters of buildings and cause clogs that lead to water damage on the roof and damage to the foundations of buildings. Animals moving away from those areas during cold weather seasons can build nests that damage both the gutters and downspouts. Home and business owners must also give some thought to wind, hail and other types of potential environmental damage.

Prior to retrofitting a roof, contractors will visit a property and fully inspect the roof.

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Hail is strong enough and forceful enough that it can break through both shingles and the underlayment underneath, and high winds can drag shingles away from the roof. Contractors can homeowners can also look for signs of mold or mildew, which usually occur as the result of constant exposure to moisture and high temperatures or because of standing water. Mold and mildew can both spread across the roof and damage the shingles, underlayment and even the support beams used on the ceiling.

Retrofitting usually involves the installation of one or more new materials. Contractors may suggest new shingles from a specific company like GAF or CertainTeed shingles. CertainTeed shingles come in several varieties designed for use on both residential and commercial properties. Contractors can also determine if water damaged the structural integrity of the roof and if the roof requires the installation of new support beams or an underlayment.

Most property owners wait to call a local company for help until after they see signs of damage with their own eyes. However, preventative maintenance may help avoid storm damage. Retrofitting a roof can cost a lot, but those who opt for annual inspections and look for signs of damage throughout the year can often significantly reduce the cost of their roof retrofitting projects. Some homeowners may be able to avoid retrofitting altogether with vigilance and thorough maintenance.

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