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When someone's roof becomes damaged, it is important to have repairs done as quickly as possible. Whether the issue is that some roof shingles have become torn or someone has noticed that their roof is leaking, the longer they wait to have Chesapeake roofers take care of the problem, the worse it can get.

People have the option of having a roof repaired or replaced, and which is best will depend on the circumstances and condition of the roof. When there has been a fire or major storm, like a tornado or hurricane, the damage may be extensive enough to require a roof replacement.

On the other hand, there are situations where roofing damage is limited to particular areas or may just be from wear and tear. In these cases, repair may be a more viable option. There are even certain situations where fairly large scale damage can be resolved with partial replacement, such as when only half of the roof has been damaged.

However, for a half roof replacement to be done, it is best that shingles are available that match the rest of the roof to ensure the results look good. Additionally, if roof decking needs to be replaced, half replacement may not be a good idea because it may result in the roof looking uneven.

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Aside from the amount of damage that a roof has sustained, people should also factor in the age and overall condition of the roof when considering replacement versus repair. Most asphalt shingle roofs can last between 20 and 30 years if they are taken care of properly.

A roof that is in decent condition and only about a decade old would be a much better candidate for repair instead of replacement. If a roof has a variety of current and potential issues and is getting older, it may be best to have it replaced. Even if repair options are affordable, the roof is likely to need replacement in the near future.

Unless the repairs are going to extend the lifespan of a roof significantly, someone may end up paying for both repairs and replacement within a few years of each other. Roofers can provide estimates for both repair and replacement to help someone determine which option is best.

When looking at estimates, people should be sure to factor in both the costs of replacement and repair as well as the age of their roof and when it is likely to need to be replaced.

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