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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Pros and Cons Of Copper Gutters

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Because gutter systems are essential to protecting the home's roof and foundation from water damage, all homes should have them. However, there are many different types and styles of gutters available for residential buildings. Although they are not the most commonly used types of gutters, copper gutters offer a number different advantages and disadvantages that may make them a great option for some homeowners. Chesapeake roofers can provide more information about copper gutters and determine if they are the best option for a particular home.

Copper gutters have a number of advantages that make them a great option for many homeowners. First and foremost, copper gutters are extremely durable and are resistant to rust. They hold up well against heavy winds and can withstand the weight of fallen branches or flying debris during bad weather, making them a great option for homes that are located in wooded areas. When properly maintained, these gutters can last a minimum of 25 years. Copper gutters also come in a variety of styles, including the K style and half rounds, meaning that copper gutters can make a stylish addition to both historic homes or more modern homes.

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The appearance of copper gutters can be both an advantage and disadvantage. When the gutters are first installed, the copper color can be extremely striking on the home. Over time, however, the copper will take on a greenish patina. This is a natural process that creates a look that some homeowners prefer. Homeowners who are interested in installing these types of gutters should have some idea of what appearance the gutters may give the home several years down the road.

The major downsides to installing copper gutters is the cost of the materials and the labor. Copper gutters are on the more expensive side. However, they do last longer than more common types of gutters. Additionally, soldering and fitting the copper pieces together takes some experience, meaning that a professional contractor will be needed to do the installation. This can make installing these gutters on a home's exterior relatively pricey.

Ultimately, homeowners looking at different gutter systems should factor in the price of the gutter system, the gutter's durability and the lifespan. If copper gutters are too pricey for what is needed, some alternative gutter types that may work include galvanized steel gutters, vinyl gutters or aluminum gutters. A professional roofer can discuss the options that are available with the homeowner.

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