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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Practical Soffit Vents

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The soffit is the ceiling-type surface that rests directly under the edge of the roof as it comes out over the top of the outer walls of an establishment. It usually stretches one to two feet away from the home giving a small amount of cover to doorways and objects below. The soffit has more practical use than some may realize and can be helpful in protecting the rafters as well as reducing the temperature of the attic space. Should this surface be compromised, homeowners should contact Chesapeake roofers to assess the damage.

In many instances, a small hole in the soffit can allow birds and rodents access to the roof. It doesn't take long for these creatures to build nests, which can then lead to the compromised integrity of the home. Damages wrought by an infestation of mice or other animal droppings can contribute to spreading diseases. Should your home be equipped with a rafter vent, this could easily give animals access to a large area of the roof and possibly the attic. Rodents can be incredibly tenacious and razor sharp teeth can make short work of most wooden, drywall and even brick surfaces.

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In just a few months, various animals could be taking up residence within the structure.

Roof ventilation helps remove moist air from the establishment. For this reason, many new homes are built with soffit ventilation. Leaks are not the only way molds can form within a roof as an excess of humidity and moisture can be just as damaging to insulation while providing fungus and bacteria with a thriving environment. A properly installed and maintained vent within the soffit can help circulate the air within the roof reducing the effects of moisture.

In some areas, the heat build-up within the attic can reach in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This can keep the house warmer throughout the summer reducing its ability to remain energy efficient. As hot air rises out from the top of the roof, cooler air is sucked in through the soffit vent by way of a natural vacuum effect.

A soffit does more for the home than just cover up the beams from under the roof that protrude out from the home. These units provide an attractive and practical way to rid the attic of moisture while keeping temperatures cooler in the summer months. Keeping these objects cleaned and properly maintained improves the overall efficiency of the home while reducing damages from mold and wood rot.

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