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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Points To Consider Before Reroofing

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Most homeowners will face a time when they need to put a new roof on their home. While there are definitely many roofing options, the practice of reroofing is one consideration that should be carefully evaluated.

Not every home is going to be a good candidate for reroofing and not every homeowner will want to take on a project of this type. However, for those who choose reroofing, they will likely be able to get a new roof with the lowest initial investment. This can be a deciding factor for some homeowners, especially when they lack the funds needed to complete an entire tear off and new roof installation.

Many Chesapeake roofers offer reroofing services as well as a complete roof tear off. It is important that homeowners discuss both the pros and the cons of reroofing with their roofing contractor before making their final decision. On some occasions, such as when there is too much damage to the roof deck or when large sections of tiles or shingles are missing, reroofing is simply not an option. Other times, reroofing isn't possible because there are already two layers of shingles on the roof.

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Most building codes only allow a home to be reroofed once before it's time for a complete tear off.

If a homeowner chooses to reroof, it is important that they realize that they might be facing higher cooling costs. With extra shingles, it's not unusual for a roof to stay hot during the summer. This can drive up the amount of energy an air conditioner will need in order to cool the home.

Reroofing is an excellent way to save money in the short term. This process can provide a homeowner an opportunity to save up funds for a new roof installation in the future. It can also be a very cost effective solution for a homeowner who wants a brand new roof before they put their house on the market for sale. However, the time will come when a new roof is needed and the cost for tear off will be higher.

When a homeowner chooses to reroof, he or she will have a wide selection of roofing options. A home can be reroofed with fiberglass singles as well as clay tiles or even metal panels. Some of these roofing options can help extend the life of the new roof. For example, a metal roof can be a great way to reflect heat while also offering years of protection.

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