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When a homeowner moves into their very first home, it may feel good to relax and enjoy the moment. After the initial honeymoon bliss, however, it is important for him or her to learn a few things about maintaining the property and protecting their investment. There is no better place to begin than at the top, and that means the roof. What does a homeowner need to know about roof maintenance and repairs?

Contacting Chesapeake roofers to schedule a full roof inspection is an excellent way to get a firm grasp on the current condition and a quick handle on any potential problems that may arise in the near future. A professional roofing inspector has the skills and training to catch serious issues like sagging, rotting flashing or inadequate pitch. Finding out about these problems sooner helps to prevent leaks or other costly damage before it starts. A roofing inspector is another great source of information for learning more about the type of materials used in the construction of the roof and when the roof needs replacing. It's also a good idea to review any existing roofing warranties and invoices to learn about previously completed work.

In addition to reviewing existing documentation and transferable warranties, it's recommended that homeowners carefully read their insurance policy.

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Waiting to learn about coverage until an actual crisis occurs may mean disappointment and an unexpected expense.

A professional roofing inspection gives homeowners peace of mind about the current condition of his or her roof, but continuing with ongoing visual inspections on their own is imperative. It is not necessary or advisable for homeowners to physically climb on their roof, but they can walk around the perimeter to visually check for damage to gutters and eaves. Additionally, homeowners can climb a stepladder and use a pair of binoculars to scan the surface of the roof to look for missing shingles and blistering or to check the gutters to make sure they stay clear of leaves and debris. Keeping gutters cleaned ensures water drains away from the property.

Committing to home ownership and ongoing roof maintenance may seem an overwhelming responsibility to first time homeowners, but with a little planning, taking the time to understand the roof's existing condition and doing regular visual inspections, it is easier than it looks. When homeowners contact professional roofers in Chesapeake to schedule an annual inspection, they are protecting the investment that literally puts a roof over their head.

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